Review: Armed & Dangerous

Armed & Dangerous
Armed & Dangerous by Abigail Roux

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ty disappeared after Zane professed his love. How COULD Ty do this to Zane? Pauvre Zane; il est désolé. Ty is sent off on another bloody black ops for their director, Richard Burns. With in days of Ty being sent off, Zane receives the call to fly out to Chicago as back up for a mission. Surprise, it's Ty he's backing up.

The reunited lovers FINALLY have a tender moment together. I sighed with pleasure when they finally talk. The compass charm I'm so fixated upon is finally revealed. Is this my happily ever after? NO Zane and Ty are now on a dangerous assignment to retrieve an unwilling and dangerous asset to bring back to DC. The asset is Julian Cross who is in another book by Ms. Roux. We meet Julian again and he's just as deadly as before. Cameron, Julian's lover boy, is still sweet and innocent.

This story is a wild ride. I was a bit afraid it would not live up to my expectations since the author duo is now a solo. I'm very happy to report, this is not the case. Ms. Roux writes a high speed romantic suspense story. The journey to DC with Julian and Cameron in tow is like a duck duck goose game. The smart writing with how Julian tries to escape as well as Ty and Zane trying to stay ahead of the people after them is thrilling. It's believable and very humourous.

We are also treated to the pink elephant in Ty and Zane's relationship - Nick's kiss. Nick is a good guy. The more we learn about Nick and Ty's background together, the more we see how amazing these retired military soldiers are. My heart hurts to hear how Ty and Nick suffered as POW. It also explains Ty's behaviour and hang ups.

Ms. Roux's writing style is very appealing. What I like most about it, is her witty references. The way her brain connects concepts for the characters work so well for me. The coconut reference with Monty Python totally made sense. The comparison for animals - shark versus lion was clever and on point. The snarky dialog between the characters pull me into the story. I'm engaged and love the characters. Not one of them is perfect, but they are perfect for each other. We see Ty and Zane tightening their bond. We see sacrifice by friends for loyalty. Preston and Julian go back a long way and the sacrifice in the story moved me. Lastly, the good guy versus the bad guy theme in this story was phenomenal. The ending was anticipated which I figured it out in the beginning of the story and hoped I was dead wrong. There are times when I hate when I'm right. This was one of them. This fast paced m/m romantic suspense story is recommended to readers who enjoy a blurring of black and white. Who is right and who is wrong? It all depends on perspective.

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