Review: Autumn's Story

Autumn's Story
Autumn's Story by D.L. Strykor

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Autumn is a nice neighbor to an elderly man. She thinks of him as a kindly ole grandfather. When he abruptly dies, she's flummoxed since he is also the landlord for her apartment. What will the new landlord do?

Lewis is the nephew who inherits the property. He's delighted to meet Autumn. Single and 55 (perfect age) he is surprised by Autumn's description of his crotchety old uncle. Lewis is a retired detective. Yummy! He now sells home remedies. Right...well, enemas are home remedies.

Once Autumn learns about Lewis's retirement job, she's intrigued. From there, the reader is taken on to a lovely erotic enema journey. This is a lovely fetish detailed in some explicit hotness. While the author implies some negative opinions via Lewis with the BDSM lifestyle, it's mild enough that most will not notice, except subconsciously.

This book was a fast and hot read. Recommended for the enema fetish lovers. This is down right erotic and sensual. Very little left to the imagination.

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