Review: Blonde and Owner

Blonde and Owner
Blonde and Owner by Sindra van Yssel

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The Romance Review

Tricked into going into a BDSM club was a nasty surprise for Susan. Susan didn't know much about BDSM, but she knew she didn't want to do anything with her date, Bert. Her first introduction to this kinky world would have left a bad taste in anyone's mouth and have her running for the hills. The fact that she didn't run away screaming and threatening to call the police is telling.

Vincent is a Dom who is much sought after. Are there any good Doms who aren't sought after? Vincent comes to Susan's rescue at the club. From there he takes her under his whips, er, wings. Vincent guides Susan in this new fantastically erotic world. Susan's misconceptions about BDSM are dispelled and she craves more but fears the term slave. Isn't being a slave a bad thing? All rights are stripped away as well as opinions and a life outside of her master is what slavery means to her.

This is a very common perception of a total power exchange (TPE) Master and slave dynamic – total loss of self-identity. In this story, I enjoyed how Ms. van Yssel shows a different side. Every D/s relationship is different. Not all Master/slave or Master/submissive relationships have to follow a set rule dictated by some elders in a BDSM community. It is what the two make it to be.

Vincent is a Dom who is well matched for Susan. This book is definitely a good slice of life beginning D/s between a new couple. I especially liked the demonstrating of how good it can be for a D/s relationship. It's also a feel-good book as we learn what Vincent expects in a TPE relationship. He genuinely wants to take care of her, not constraint or smother her. Susan learns she can let go and have a person take care of her. This is pretty heady for a professional independent woman. This is the type of D/s relationships many would kill to have.

This is what I like most of about Ms. van Yssel's stories. They are real to life. It's almost as if we are following a documentary on BDSM relationships with each book. Showing how BDSM is different for everyone and still be so hot is a reassurance. Her trademark happily ever after with a healthy loving couple will bring a smile to all romance lovers. I recommend this kinky read for romance lovers who want to see a gentler side of TPE.

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