Review: Bound by a Vampire Queen

Bound by a Vampire Queen
Bound by a Vampire Queen by Joey W. Hill

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The couple I love best is back! I thought we wouldn't have another story with Lady Lyssa and Jacob. This one I had been dreading because I basically had my happily ever after. Why would I want this messed up? It is WONDERFUL Ms. Hill returns to the original couple who captured my heart. This was really the first paranormal romance series which showcased erotic, BDSM and more specifically, femdom. I LOVED the Femdom in this story. Ms. Hill does it so bloody well.

In this latest book, Jacob needs to submit in public to Lady Lyssa in the fae world. This fae world is AMAZING. We have unicorns, phoenixes, mermaids, selkies, sirens, nymphs, faires, and so many other mythical creatures to name. This world is painted in high definition. I could see every scene Ms. Hill described. If only she added more descriptions of scents and taste, I'd have been in sensory overload.

The plot in this story was very tight. I was drawn in and wanted to know what would happen. While I could anticipate some of the events, I didn't know how they would turn out or what new information would be revealed. This is something I really enjoy - when an author has me guessing and on my toes. The storyline flowed beautifully. The ups and downs caused me to have knots in my stomach. What would happen next? Trying to figure out friend from foe and how the fae world worked generated great tension and suspense.

This story is really about loyalty, love and sacrifice. The heartbreak I experienced for the Unseelie queen despite her erratic cruelty felt right. There were no truly evil characters. Everyone had a reason for their actions. When their motives are revealed, it moved me. The amount of sorrow doled out in this books was unexpected and near overwhelming at times. From betrayal, harsh lessons, humiliating submissions and denied love - just about everything to tear a person down was thrown in here. Really, just slit my wrists now. For a bunch of fairies, there are no happily ever after fairy tales here. Instead, we are treated to Grimm Fairy Tale-esque endings. Every event contains a moral lesson. Wait, is this a Chinese book? Where is the Chinese character in this story? Because in a Chinese story, the noble always die and there are no happy endings. The story always presents a lesson for people to learn.

Moving on to the sex. There were not that many sex scenes, but the ones in there were intense - intense in an emotional way. Jacob and Lyssa's power exchange was hot. The dubious con between the Unseelie queen and Jacob felt so right. The near rape of Lyssa forced my heart to be faster to see the end result. Finally, the vampire servant orgy with punishment for unauthorized orgasms in a musical chair competition made my panties wet. Ms. Hill did an excellent job of blending BDSM into the story without calling it BDSM. LOVED IT! LOVED IT! I highly recommend this book to paranormal lovers who enjoy kinky power exchange and hot erotic sex to go along with an awesome plot.

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