Review: Carnal Machines: Steampunk Erotica

Carnal Machines: Steampunk Erotica
Carnal Machines: Steampunk Erotica by D.L. King

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Steam powered sex toys, energy sources powered by sex, human like steam powered robots, what isn’t in this book? Carnal Machines is an anthology filled with steamy hot stories. Each story increases in intensity. The cleverly written short stories are all tightly woven to deliver the maximum pleasure in the minimum amount of pages. This allows for the reader to experience fourteen wonderful stories from different writers all in one sitting. The steampunk technology used in each story clearly shows the author understands the steampunk genre. These devices used in sexual ways will blow the minds off of many a reader.

What is nice about this anthology is the mix of maledom and femdom. Not all the books were males dominating the proper and meek Victorian female. Several of the stories included a strong Domme perpetrating her wicked way on submissive males. Some of the stories are m/m or f/f which further enhances an erotic readers’ delight. For a reader who enjoys it all, this book is a winner. A few of the devices used in these stories showcased author creativity and ingenuity. A couple of the stories used device to harness sexual energy for power. It’s amusing to see how they diverge. One is to harness sexual frustration which is admittedly quite abundant. Another device sucks the sexual horny frenzy from young men. The added bonus of anal penetration for normally heterosexual men in this particular story heightens the smexy content.

This book can be read in one sitting. Each story flows smoothly with vivid imagery. There is a greater chance for the book to take several readings because the material is so arousing, the reader will need to stop for a little “playtime relief” before continuing to the next story. The BDSM elements are romanticized in each story. The creative ways of bondage and sexual torment are lovingly depicted. The story which contains a very hot bondage scene features a chair which renders the seated person completely immobile and then proceeds to anally and orally violate with vigor. This story alone would a cause a reader to melt into a puddle of goo. There are thirteen more stories just as sizzling erotic.

Even the locales in the stories are different. One in particular is located in the Far East. The scorching sexy reveal in the Orient is a lovely surprise. Every story is different. There is no repeat. The only tying motif is the steampunk theme. This is one of the best anthologies with every story a sultry winner. The anthology ends on a passionate note with an incredible room of perverted pleasure and gratification. It’s a den of iniquity which the reader will yearn to exist for a wicked visit. While the story indicates guests only visit once, this reader believes repeated appointments will be required to fully explore every deviant tool. This burning hot book is recommended for kinky readers who enjoy every facet of BDSM.

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