Review: Flight of Fancy

Flight of Fancy
Flight of Fancy by Marie Harte

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The Romance Review

Do you like it when the geek and the jock are paired together? Or perhaps the jock isn't really just brawn, he's actually Mr. Perfect at everything, except making friends.

Aidan is a telepath who constantly has to be perfect to feel good about himself. He never messes up a mission and his standards are high. It is intimidating to be around him, not just because he excels at everything he does, but also because he can read a person's mind. He tries not to, but some people think so noisily, he can't help but read it.

Gavin's power is the ability to levitate. He is also very good with numbers, which is why he is at a desk job rather than working out in the field. Gavin desperately wants to work in the field. The one time he did, it was a colossal mess up. He wishes for another chance. As I've always been told, be careful of what you wish for, because you might just get it. Gavin is given a chance to go undercover in the field with Aidan. Just one problem, Gavin has sexual fantasies about Aidan while Aidan treats him like a joke.

To add to Gavin's humiliation, his undercover role is as a sexual submissive to the stunningly gorgeous Mr. Perfect. Gavin needs to be trained to be a perfect sexual submission to gain entry to a criminal underlord's private BDSM party. Gavin isn't able to hide his inner fantasies, which Aidan takes full advantage of. At this point, I feel a bit bad for Gavin. The guy he's crushing on treats him like something to be wiped off his shoe and now he has to give him full submission. How does one give trust to a person who disrespects you? This could be a complete train wreck.

Instead, I'm surprised at Aidan's attitude. He turns it around and is quite the smexy Dom. If only he weren't gay. Why are all these awesome Doms I've been reading lately all gay? The budding relationship between Aidan and Gavin is hot to watch. The D/s is so smooth. Ms. Harte nails it. The nastier parts of SM are just so wrong but I get it. It is a dark fantasy, which I wasn't expecting from Ms. Harte. She does show it isn't the acceptable parts of BDSM, but it could happen. I tend not to be that far into edge play and I draw a line for snuff. It's not my preferred reading. But Ms. Harte did a good job of it and she made it work for the story.

This is the first story of Ms. Harte's I've read that contained a BDSM theme. I love it! I want to read more. Ms. Harte writes some great smexy scenes that blend into the story. I recommend this story to m/m readers who want a bit of kinky BDSM undercover tricks.

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