Review: Healthy in a Hurry

Healthy in a Hurry
Healthy in a Hurry by Karen Ansel

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Interested in what fruits and veggies are the healthiest? Been to the doctor and they suggested a trip to the dietitian for healthy eating and a change to your lifestyle? Frustrated because it seems the food has to be fresh and takes so much time to prepare? If you answered yes to even a couple of these questions, this book is for you.

Healthy in a Hurry caught my eye from the very first page. The pictures of the fruit are beautifully done. They pop out of the page and look luscious. The information for each fruit was unexpected and a nice added touch. Many times, cook books just list out ingredients and don't talk about how to pick the right ingredients. This was particularly surprising and welcoming.

The recipes seem to be pretty easy to follow. The pictures helped as well as the times it takes. Most recipes in cook books provide timing now which helps people decide what can be made in a limited time. The short time prep and cooking is a nice standard upheld in this book too.

The issue is, this book was electronic in a format not conducive for referencing while cooking. This is probably best to be in print format or the reader will need a tablet type machine. I used a laptop and it was unwieldy which prevented me from trying more recipes in the short amount of time for the review. This book is recommended for people on the go who want a healthy and fast meal.

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