Review: How to Be Kinkier: More Adventures in Adult Playtime

How to Be Kinkier: More Adventures in Adult Playtime
How to Be Kinkier: More Adventures in Adult Playtime by Morpheous

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Advanced sex toys, lubes used for enhancing tickling, how to make it through TSA with sex toys and more are revealed in this follow up book, How to Be Kinkier. Author Morpheous writes another book which is even better and more stunning than the first book, How to Be Kinky.

This book is divided up into ten easy chapters to read. Each chapter is filled with luscious photographs and helpful tips. There are even how-to instructions with step by step photographs. Morpheous definitely wrote a book which can help any person who wants to get their kink on. There are many nuggets of gold in this book.

For example, in chapter 2 Advanced negotiations reminds us the three Cs – clarity, communication and consistency (p. 61). Chapter 4 - BDSM Play and Polyamorous Relationships, delves into relationships at a more complex level. It stresses the need for better communication and how to resolve conflicts rather than suppress and bury hurt feelings. The three simple rules provided are common sense, yet so hard to follow.

1. Identify the root of the problem and figure out who is at fault.
2. Validate the other person’s feelings.
3. Apologize and mean it and then make sure it doesn’t happen again. (p. 110)

Morpheus consistently explains how these techniques work for both vanilla and non-vanilla crowd. His experience and personal anecdotes help the reader understand. Never once did it feel like a lecture.

The book also reaffirms that kinky people can pervert anything. Some of the ones which are easy to do were using lube on a person and when it dries, it makes the area more sensitive to being tickled. Who knew? Want to create some icy anal beads? Run a cord through an ice cube tray and get ice cube anal beads (p. 151)! Helpful tips like fisting are added to the side bar. If attempting fisting for the first time, slow and steady wins the race, rather than treating the prostrate like the speedbag in a boxing gym (p. 240). The most amusing perverted item is anal beads created from the long clown balloons and water. This one takes more effort; the pictorial instruction shows it all. It’s a must try at home - and perhaps another reason why clowns are scary. They have the tools to make any size anal beads at a drop of a hat.

This how to book could be dry, but it is not. It’s educational and funny. Quips such as “silence is golden but duct tape is silver” under a gagged submissive photo brings a smile to the reader. Or “crying is not a safeword” will bring a chuckle out of any Dom/me. The smiling bottoms in the pictures be it receiving fisting or spankings help enhance the book. These photographs are riveting and compliment the information in each chapter.

Chapter 9 – How to be a Pro at first glance seemed to be a chapter on how to be a professional for hire Top. It is not. It’s actually a very good chapter highlighting how to be a good member in the BDSM community. Tips on how to organize events to how to be a good Dungeon monitor are all captured in this chapter. What Morpheus details seem like common sense again, yet it bears repeating. This book is highly recommend to kinky people who want to learn more advanced techniques of play as well as integrate into a BDSM community smoothly.

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