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In the Zone
In the Zone by Sierra Cartwright

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The Romance Review

"Look at me," he snapped… "Keep your eyes open. For this moment, I am your entire world. Don't forget it."

Yes, Sir!

My eyes widened at the same time my body melted a bit. These are such simple words yet the tone from Master Nathaniel has me jumping to obey instantly. I'm not surprised Alani feels the same. Some men have a commanding presence; some men are clueless. Master Nathaniel is the former. I'd submit to him anytime. Now that he is back in the dungeon as one of the managing owners, Alani is in for it.

Alani is a professional submissive. I conceptually know these people exist though I haven't met any nor have I seen any advertised. This is kind of odd since I know many more submissives than Dom/mes. Yet, I am fully aware of several professional Dommes. I have my theories on why this is the case, but that is neither here nor there. What I do like is reading a story where one of the characters is a professional submissive. This is a different perspective and Ms. Cartwright does a great job.

Alani is a bored submissive. She's just going through the motions and not submitting for real. This cheats her paying customers of the full experience. Fortunately, they have not caught on. Unfortunately for Alani, Master Nathaniel did catch her yawning during a scene plus rolling her eyes. She's in for it now. She has a choice to be retrained or to leave. The trainer will be Master Nathaniel. Seriously, how is this even a choice? Sub for Master Nathaniel! Who wouldn't want to? This is a no-brainer decision. This is where the story starts smoldering in smexy hotness.

The D/s dynamic between Master Nathaniel and Alani stroked me in all the right places. It definitely places me in the subspace lusting zone. The BDSM in this story is a great read. It is good for those who are interested in the D/s aspects of BDSM. This is also good for those who are graduating from the novice BDSM books and want a bit more of a bite to their BDSM.

The story for this moved very well. There were no side tangents to distract. I have come to expect a tightly written story by Ms. Cartwright. She delivers again in this story. She does leave a little hook which has me yearning for the next book in this series. Or at least I hope she writes a next book with Master Marcus as the focus. I want to know what happened. I'm devastated by the short little snippet we learn about him and his tattooed and collared submissive, Karyn. If Ms. Cartwright doesn't write a follow up book on Master Marcus, I'll be rallying the troupes to send her requests for Master Marcus's story.

I thoroughly enjoyed IN THE ZONE and highly recommend it to BDSM readers who enjoy reading about a submissive learning the art of submission.

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