Review: Peter Birch Presents: Confessions Volume 1

Peter Birch Presents: Confessions Volume 1
Peter Birch Presents: Confessions Volume 1 by Peter Birch

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Did you like penthouse forum letters? I did. This is reminiscent of those stories. Totally enjoyable! Official review here!

The Romance Review

Any voyeurs out there? I know you are there and just keeping mum. It is okay as volume one from Peter Birch's collection of CONFESSIONS will tickle your fancy. We are treated to stories of watching girls sunbathe nude while a horny guy jerks off and a prissy teacher who enjoy ass to mouth.

I have to admit, my favorite one is TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. This was a hot one that reads as if it were straight from penthouse letters. The twist in the story isn't too hard to predict, yet it is one of my favorite fantasies to read. The hot ménage a trois with the perversion perpetrated by an angry ex-girlfriend could have been a chilling revenge against the man. The ending is different because his decision once the revenge was revealed only made his ex-girlfriend Lucie look like a fool. I loved it! I wish this guy would write a follow up story about his interlude with the two hot women Lucie set him up with.

This first volume definitely whets my appetite for the next two volumes. I enjoyed some alone time after reading these fast smexy hot stories. What takes away from the collection is the editing. There were a few grammar issues and misspellings which drew me out of the story. I would have expected a polished product from Mr. Birch so this was a surprise to me. I still highly recommend this fast smexy read for those who enjoy spying on kinky lovers getting it on.

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