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Spell Cat
Spell Cat by Tara Lain

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The Romance Review

There's no such thing as witches, right? In this day and age, there is no such thing as arranged marriages. In SPELL CAT, James (Jimmy) Janx is wrong on both accounts. Although he's a secondary character, his world is turned upside down when he learns both are true.

Killian is a professor of history who teaches a course in witchcraft. He doesn't teach spells and this isn't Hogwarts. What he does teach is how witches were persecuted and the impacts of this kind of mass hysteria and persecution. This subject impacts him personally as he is a witch. In fact, he's a powerful witch betrothed to another powerful witch – Lavender. Here lies the problem. Killian is gay yet to preserve the powers, the witches have to stay pure and marry within their race. If they were to marry a human, they would lose all their power because humans drain magic from witches. Killian must marry Lavender to keep their race going with powerful witch babies.

This is where it gets interesting. A familiar, Aloysius, in the form of a black cat helps Killian and Lavender with their love problem. Lavender is in love with Jimmy while Killian is still searching for love. Killian finds love in the sexy arms of Dr. Blaine Genneau, the new physics professor. Unfortunately for both Lavender and Killian, loving a human is a death sentence to their powers, not to mention the fact that Lavender's Russian mob connected father would not take kindly to the dissolution of the betrothal.

Killian is the most powerful male witch yet he doesn't let it go to his head. He's a likeable character who is ironically all too human in emotion and desires. I feel for Killian who desperately wants to experience love just once. I figured that since this is an m/m book, Lavender would be written as a terrible conniving witch from hell. I was pleasantly surprised by Ms. Lain when she created Lavender as an understanding ally for Killian. The two of them become cute partners in crime.

The storyline flowed smoothly and the sex between Killian and Blaine is hot and sweet. It's magically, pun intended. There are no big surprises. Ms. Lain sets up the story with easy to follow and anticipated resolutions as well as the big reveals. The conclusion to this happily ever after is just what the readers want to see. I enjoyed every scene. I recommend this book to m/m lovers who enjoy a bit of magic in their lives.

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