Review: Alice Under Discipline - Part 1

Alice Under Discipline - Part 1
Alice Under Discipline - Part 1 by Garth Toyntanen

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

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Wealth, beauty, smarts and a handsome fiancé, Alice is on top of the world. Alice is a smart privileged princess who lives it up a bit wild with some recreational drugs. Her friends are also enjoying the high life with Alice. Unfortunately for Alice, her father passes away and her stepmother is running out of money. Her stepmother, Karen Lamberton-Marchment, is the quintessential evil stepmother. She wants full control of Alice's fortune and she will do any and everything illegal to make it happen. She possesses some very depraved ideas of how Alice can be of use to her. Alice is more than just a fat dollar sign to provide a luxurious easy life. Karen would like Alice to be her sexy little girl to be used and abused.

To enslave Alice, Karen sets her up and addicts Alice to mind altering drugs. The concept of this story is very alluring. This is not incestuous, but it is a Mommy age-play story with some dirty depraved non-consensual themes. Several Dommes changing an intelligent woman into a cowering timid little girl is a storyline that can be very sexy and hot. The taboo elements are there to titillate and make the reader gasp in aroused horror. Added to mix is domestic discipline, what's not to love?

The story execution is what caused the rating to drop. The story was filled with detailed descriptions of clothing. The recap of a sexual deviant scene also takes away from the sexy storyline. Instead of enjoying the play-by-play taboo debauchery, the reader is treated to hurried summaries. If the author would spend more time on the sexual scenes and the humiliation Alice felt, it would have been more arousing and sexy. Instead, it felt as if it was a book on how to be a tailor.

The characters were interesting in their complete depravity. The women in control were evil from head to toe. There were no redeeming qualities. The extent they want to change Alice is scarily exciting. If only there were less explaining and telling of what they would do to Alice, and more showing and doing something to Alice, it would help the story move at a better pace. Instead, it came across similarly to a lecture and dragged the book down. The end result is a surprisingly deviant pseudo-incest theme dulled down to boring sex.

This domestic discipline book may attract f/f readers who enjoy some non-consensual age-play.

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