Review: Amanda Von Steuben

Amanda Von Steuben
Amanda Von Steuben by Anne Randolph

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is a 3.5 star. It doesn't quite make it to 4 because there wasn't enough humiliation in it. This is a tightly written story with a bit of world building. The characters aren't really developed, but the actually sex scenes were hot. Regardless, Ms. Randolph's writing voice is engaging and her descriptions vivid.

The medical parts were tasty and were a bit too scant for my tastes. If there were a bit more torturing of the pampered princess, it would have rated higher. What would really be nice is to read a second book where Amanda now has a nurse. It would be lovely to have her return to the "nursery" until she learns her wifely duties. Of course, it would be lovely to have her loving husband there to oversee each punishment and revel in her humiliation.

Amanda is a flapper dressing cock tease who puts outs but doesn't deliver. Her pampered and whiny ways need strict correction and Klaus is the man for it. More anal training, enemas, doctor appointments and DEFINITELY spankings are in order for this little brat. My favourite phrase in this book is "speak with you" or "spoken to". It's a euphemism for, "Somebody's going to get a spanking, real bad". Love it! Recommended for domestic discipline lovers who enjoy a spoiled brat's comeuppance.

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