Review: The ASH Stories: The Assessment

The ASH Stories: The Assessment
The ASH Stories: The Assessment by Samantha Washborne

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Ashley is a submissive sweet girl who gets in a bit over her head. She's approached to participate in an experiment which explores sexuality. Little does she know what this all entails. This first part is sensual and sweet as the reader learns about Ashley and enjoys a bit of medical play involving some smexy f/f.

The bonus story - Shut Down, Turned On is delightful. The role playing between Gina and her husband is believable, kinky and tastefully arousing. Ms. Washborne incorporates robot technology into a sexy time for the loving couple. Gina's husband easily turns up the heat when he powers down Gina from her work day and starts up the sexbot application - creatively perverted and wildly sexy. This short story is recommended for erotic readers who enjoy a bit of spice to their story.

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