Review: The ASH Stories: Remote Controller

The ASH Stories: Remote Controller
The ASH Stories: Remote Controller by Samantha Washborne

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

In part two of the Assessment series, Ashley has passed the exam and she's been selected for trial tests. This story is more of a teaser. The reader learns exactly what Ashley has gotten herself into. It's not bad per se, but quite amusing. Nanobots with orgasm control, how can this be anything but embarrassing? Public display is a delightful fetish and this installments sets the reader up for the next one. Can't wait to read about Ashley's sexual trial for the next few months. Will she be able to recover? Will she be able to take it? What kind of deviant desires will emerge? Inquiring minds want to know.

The bonus story - The Spark is deliciously hot! Not to give it away, but it is a robot sex twist to turn any techno-geek on. Using a red-headed sex bot for some delicious f/f definitely raises the heat. Hope to see the next upgrade for the operating system to 1.7. If Ms. Washborne would like a couple of recommendations for the next release, she knows where to find me. Recommended for kinky readers who enjoy computer speak.

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