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Blade Song
Blade Song by J.C. Daniels

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Being a half-breed of any kind is rarely a bonus. For Kit, it definitely made her life miserable. Orphaned at a young age, she's raised by a sadistic grandmother and uncaring aunts. For Kit, what doesn't kill her, only makes her stronger. As a private investigator of sorts, she ekes out a living solving problems. For the pass six years, there have been bets placed that a puny human will not survive the year. Kit confounds them all and perseveres.

Kit is a survivor. She's been excessively physically and emotionally abused. For her to be able to be walking and functioning is pretty amazing. Her life is complicated by two men who want to possess and own her. Jude is the blood sucking leech who steals into her dreams. Damon is an enforcer of the cat shifters.

The premise of this story is interesting. We have a partially magical creature, Kit, who is trying to find a missing cat shifter. Through her investigative skills, she uncovers a nasty human sport. What is odd, is how many people in this story are all orphans. Kit, Damon and the runaway boy all have similar upbringings. This should possibly help them relate better to each other, but it does not. This story is a gut wrenching tale of an abused woman who lives in a cruel world where might makes right and there are sociopaths running each of the non human groups. Even the witches were not exempt from this situation at one point.

This story is enjoyable with characters who are engaging. The primarily emotion brought forth would be pity. It is pity for Kit because she is always between a rock and a hard place. While she's supposed to be a tough fighting warrior, it doesn't come across quite this way. She is constantly harmed instead of disarming her aggressors. She also experiences quite a few fainting spells. Kit repeatedly tells herself and everyone she is a strong warrior. This has yet to be demonstrated. Instead, Kit comes across as a not so bright pain slut.

If Ms. Daniels is trying to show Kit's vulnerability in this first book, she has succeeded. Kit is not a believable kick ass heroine. Instead, she's a hot mess of emotional trauma and foolhardiness. Damon and Jude are difficult to assess. Neither one are the white in shining armour. Both show high levels of alpha dominance, however, it is too early to tell if they are Doms or just domineering. What is revealed to date doesn't shed either one in good light. It should be interesting to see what will happen in the next book.

This urban fantasy is reminiscence of the Kate Daniels world by Ilona Andrews. Kit is similar to Andrea the beastkin. Kit appears to be before Andrea is taken in by the Order, when she's still a victim trying to fight her way to become a warrior. Perhaps in the next book, Kit will showcase her fighting skills and take down some bad guys. She's made some fierce enemies in this one. This book is recommended for urban fantasy lovers who enjoy a broken heroine on the mend.

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