Review: Bound Temptations

Bound TemptationsBound Temptations by Shiloh Walker

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Tempt Me

Ms. Walker never fails to move the heart with her characters. There are two stories in this book.  The first one is Tempt Me which is the more sensual of the two.  Beg me is a bit edgier with some dubious consensual elements.  Tempt me is four stars.  Beg me is three stars which gives this book an average of 3.5 stars.

In Tempt Me, readers meet and fall in love with Lush. She's strong, admirable and so sexy. The sensual lingerie store she opened was great and inspires one to find a place that sells corsets.  Lush is not only the owner, but the designer of said sexy clothing.  Cole meets Lush which ends his current engagement.

The sparks between Rocki (Lush) and Cole were great to watch. Cole is a dream man. This short story of their romance hit all the right buttons. Ms. Walker's stories keep me engaged and unable to put down the story until it ends. This story is recommended to romance lovers who love a bit of sadness added to a romance which ends in happily ever after.

Beg Me
Tania is one messed up woman. When the truth is revealed about her brother in law and her mother in law, it is sickening. Both of them are twisted individuals. It just goes to show, there sometimes is an evil twin. 

Drake, her late husband's best friend finally helps pull Tania back to life.  His method is sexy and unorthodox.  He even questions it, but it helps Tania.  The light BD is delightful and tasty for those interested in a bit of kinky fun.  This story is recommended for romance readers who like a female lead to own her sexuality.

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