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Cast in Ruin
Cast in Ruin by Michelle Sagara West

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No one can insert their foot into mouth like Private Kaylin Neya. She is truly gifted at how she can drive the stick further up the asses of these pompous and arrogant Dragons. It's truly a delight to watch her struggle against saying what is on her mind. While she's becoming better at biting her tongue, her body language is as loud as a Dragon conversation. Poor Kaylin!

In this latest installment, the "People" are settling down into their new world. These giant 8 feet tall "other" scare those in Elantra. Their help in holding strong against the Shadow is welcome. Now there is something new happening in Lord Tiamaris' fife aka his hoard. The same woman has been found dead, seven times. With Kaylin's help, it is discovered they are not human. It has the Dragon Lords in an uproar.

It's amusing to see these male dragons posture and beat their proverbial chests. Kaylin is the one toy they all want a piece of, for their own agenda. Sometimes, the agendas align. Most often, they do not. For a Chosen, Kaylin is treated more like a gutter rat than someone special. The magic she welds is amazing. She is pure magic in some senses. There is no teaching her what to do. She does it all through gut instinct. Sometimes it goes very well; other times it's utter chaos. LOVE IT!

Ms. Sagara West created another wonderful addition to the Elantra series. This one reveals more of the Dragon world - as it was before the wars. The arrival of Bellusdeo is a masterful stroke. It's the tie in which is much needed and not completely unexpected. Still, when the events fold, the world Ms. Sagara West created is enhanced another couple of layers. Her construction of this world is a beautiful work of art. It is reminiscent of Mercedes Lackey's Valdemar world, except in this one, there is more darkness. It's almost a mix of Valdemar and Obsidian Mountain Series in a complex blend of perfect harmony. Ms. Sagara West's writing voice and words is a full orchestra with her pen as the conductor's baton. The melody is hauntingly sad in a minor key. Each book in this series is an Act which highlight specific instruments in orchestra. If there is one section which represents Cast in Ruins, it would be the percussion. Between the drumming of the Norannir and the kettle drums bellows of the dragons, this book is leading us to the climax which no reader should miss. This book is recommended for Urban Fantasy lovers who enjoy depth of character and a mellifluous world.

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