Review: Cuckold Erotica

Cuckold Erotica
Cuckold Erotica by Audrey Bocklin

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This one is one I had difficulty rating. The stories are a bit disjointed as the main story is separated by some lighter random stories. The main story is "Losing Sarah". Cokie and the Julie ones were almost non sequitur and rather distracting from the overall book.

On a hotness scale for Losing Sarah it is probably a 5. It's guiltily arousing. Sarah is an erotic writer who ropes her loving husband, Greg into a game which doesn't really seem like a game. The degradations visited upon Greg are horrendous and infuriating at times. The issue is, Greg isn't really into this. The emotional scarring and damage in this story is not something I find enjoyable. For this "gaming" piece I give it a 1 star. I really hated the characters.

Sarah is a lying slut cunt who doesn't deserve Greg. It's not a game. She's a bitch who wants her cake and eat it too. The couple she gets them involved with are not friends. There are plenty of hints of ulterior motives from Sarah and the disgusting duo. This is left as a loose end for the reader to make assumptions.

I think the issue I had with this storyline despite the well written scenes and vivid descriptions is the constant insistence this is a "game" which will be over. It's not. This blatant lie and misleading of Greg who isn't really on board with this is what causes me outrage and anger. Now if Greg wanted this and was the one pushing for it, then that's one thing. Even his enjoyment is not really enjoyment. It's tinged with regret and self loathing. This is something that is not sexy and comes across as wrong for me.

Are the humiliation scenes hawt? Yes. Are the cuckolding scenes hot? Yes. Is there plenty of anal and slut Sarah being fucked? Yes. Is there mind fucking? Well, this is where I have to say no. They think they are mind fucking, but what they are doing is destroying a good man. This is what I can't abide by. They are mockingly destroying him and they don't care. The fact that they keep reminding him that it's all for "fun" and that it will end and that he is loved is Bullshit. This is what really brought the story down for me. If he was all on board or if he wasn't on board and they didn't lie about the love for him and indicating there is an end in sight, then I would have rated this story higher. As it was laid out, it's lowered.

I do realize this is fiction, but it still put me ill at easy and pity for Greg. I didn't enjoy his plight because it was like watching a train wreck. At the end of this story, I felt like an unwilling rapist. Since I thoroughly enjoy intense and sadistic stories, this is a surprise to me. While this writer is quite good, I don't believe I'll read anymore of her books because they leave me feeling like a criminal instead of a turned on BDSM addict. Recommended for BDSM readers who really love femdom and the sadistic side to cuckolding.

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