Review: Dark Nights

Dark Nights
Dark Nights by Christine Feehan

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Joie Sanders is a tough bodyguard who is special. She's able to communicate telepathically with her older brother and sister. During one routine assignment, she's shot and ends up astro-projecting herself through the Carpathian Mountains. She finds an amazing cave where a handsome man is lying in a mud puddle. Since this is all a dream to her, she humours the guy and answers some of his questions. Months later, after her recovering, she finds Traian. Dragging her brother, Jubal, and sister, Gabrielle, along in unknown parts, they dive head into danger.

As a fan of the Carpathians, this expanded story on Joie and Traian is a delight. The reader is treated to more information about the mages, earlier on in the series. It's also nice to see a very strong female lead - Joie work it out with an old fashion traditionalist male. Traian is surprisingly willing to work on his protective streak with Joie. This story is fast paced with battle after battle. What is most interesting is the amount of detail involving cave exploring and equipment. This is impressive and neatly inserted into the story smoothly. Ms. Feehan did a great job and it enhanced the story.

The second part of this book is with Sara and Falcon. This story is a sweet story once again chronicling how a Carpathian male finds his mate. Some of the dialog is odd. It may be because it's supposed to come across as old school from men who have lived for centuries. The way they talk to each other is more formal. Instead of expressing the gravity of the situation, it is more comedic in it's severity. Still, Falcon is a Carpathian ancient who is powerful and much needed in the future fights for survival. Both stories are enjoyable and provide a piece to the world building which is so enjoyable. It's a different take on vampires and how they can go evil. Ms. Feehan's writing voice is always captivating and she does create likeable heroes and heroines. Her villains are evil to the core yet she shows how they lost hope to become what they are now. This book is recommended to paranormal romance lovers who love happily ever afters.

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