Review: Deadlocked

Deadlocked by Charlaine Harris

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

What kind of travesty is this one? This is better than the last book where Eric came across as a useless pussy. In this one, Eric comes across as a helpless WHINY pussy. Where is the alpha Eric we've come to know and love? Sookie is becoming more and more cold blooded. Or perhaps it's just that she's becoming more practical.

By now, Sookie should realize vampires are not for her. Sure, their quiet minds are relaxing, but she could get this from a were. She should be with Sam. Sure, he's not exciting and he's not as great a lover as Bill or Eric, but it's better than what she's been dealt. Does Ms. Harris even know where she's going here with Sookie and her love life? Because it certainly doesn't come across this way.

Is this the end of the fae part in this? Will Sookie have more powers? There are so many open ended questions here in this book. This book didn't do anything but provide more questions and frustration. Staying in Sookie's thoughts also sucked. She's depressing. This entire book is a depressing downer. Might as well call her Eeyore. There isn't even sex in this book. What is going on with this series? Where is the end game?

The book was still enjoyable as the Demon makes an appearance as well as her grandfather. Claude as the evil guy isn't surprising but it certainly is another blow and depressing. Sookie seems to only experience betrayal after betrayal from men. Not a single guy in the series hasn't screwed her over in some way. What is up with this? Is the lesson here that men are dumbass and untrustworthy? Because this is what it seems like. In addition, the women are all psychotic in someway or another. Hope the next book will be better, but it doesn't seem it will. Eric will probably marry the more beautiful and powerful vampire. Sookie will be holding a pity party again as some other jealous woman tries to kill her. Deplorable and predictable is how this series is spinning downwards.

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