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False Pretenses
False Pretenses by Cara Bristol

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By day, boring insurance claim call center operator, by night, Emma Dupree is the titillating undercover journalist. Fighting for journalistic credibility, Emma Dupree finds the perfect investigative article to jettison her into writing full time instead of moonlighting on the side. She learns about a secret organization, Rod and Cane Society. This established group is for men who administer domestic discipline to their wife.

The only way Emma can learn more is if she joins the Wives Auxiliary group. To join is not easy but she worms an invitation and starts interviewing the women secretly. Emma makes a few friends and starts to see how this type of lifestyle might actually appeal to her, despite her mother's femi-nazi teachings. Struggling, Emma is in a state of confusion until she meets Dan Tanner.

Dan is new to the Rod and Cane Society. He joined in hopes of finding a single woman interested in domestic discipline. He's struck out and is unwilling to go back to finding a woman in the general populace. He's been burned before and is not looking forward to a lifetime with a woman who won't bend to his rod.

Emma and Dan's meeting is outside of the Rod and Cane Society. Dan is hesitant because he isn't into vanilla women. Emma is coming off a terrible relationship so she is also a bit wary. They do hit it off and it seems like a match made in heaven. Now how do they tell each other about their desire for a domestic discipline household? They don't know that they are both members of the secret spanking society.

This second installment in the Rod and Cane Society reveals more about the secret club. Some of the cast of characters in this story first appeared in the first book in this series. It was good to see them again, this time in a better light than previous. The way they were integrated into this story helped keep a good continuity.

FALSE PRETENSES moved fast with predictable conflicts. Emma's exposé is sent off for publication, which creates chaos for the Rod and Cane board members. The betrayal Dan feels causes him to respond poorly and leaves Emma's bottom exposed for discipline in the punishment room. The punishment room is finally revealed in this story. It's actually rather mild despite the negative reaction from Dan. The reactions to Emma's punishment seemed a bit over dramatic and much to do about nothing.

The sex in this book is sweetly erotic and mildly kinky. The focus was on the budding relationship between Emma and Dan. It's an accurate and amusing portrayal of couples who are just starting to date and feeling each other out. In this case, it's a bit more amusing as they dance around the spanking and slight kinky sex. This is book is recommended for romance readers interested in light domestic discipline.

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