Review: Green-Eyed Demon

Green-Eyed Demon
Green-Eyed Demon by Jaye Wells

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Can Sabina cause anymore trouble? Can there be any more secret societies out to get her? Sabina is a walking chaos aptly saddled with a mischief demon. In this one, she needs to save her sister Maisie from their diabolical evil grandmother.

In reality, this book is a whole pity party for Sabina. She is constantly sabotaging herself and she shows no self restraint. Really, the chip on her shoulder is the size of Mount Everest. At one point it would be nice to have her killed. The secondary characters are all pretty good. Mr. Giggles is still awesome. Brookes steals the show with the song "Touch myself". Adam is unfailing in his loyalty and support, despite Sabina screwing things up royally.

Sabina learns more about her powers and who backs this mysterious sect - Caste. There's also a kinky rockstar mage who is more interesting and better than the current mages. He's into kinky shit and he's a good guy. The order of mages Adam is part of is looking more more like the corrupt vampire court. The fae court is run by a bitchy Seelie queen. What more can go wrong?

This story is just as fast pace and riveting. Sabina grows up just a little bit more, but not much. Here's hopping the next book she'll be better. Because as it is now, with her Anita Blake style power growth and her totally inability for self discipline, this series can go south fast.

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