Review: Kerana - Slave of Atlantis

Kerana - Slave of Atlantis
Kerana - Slave of Atlantis by Lindsey Brooks

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Kerana is a mercenary who's been a thorn in the King's side. She's easily stolen thousands of gold coins from him. In addition, she leads a pack of men to attack caravans and sell slaves at will. Sure the slaves are women, but who cares? These women are weak, pitiful and poor excuses since they were caught or sold off by their family. It's not as if she would ever be caught and turned into a slave. She can best any of the men with her sword. The worst for her would be the dead or alive bounty on her head from the King. She's only taunted and robbed him for the past five years.

What Kerana didn't expect was betrayal from her own merry group of men. Frankly, after reading how she felt like an outcast, it's not surprising. She is rather naive and stupid about it. The men don't care and respect her; they just want to rape her. Well, one wants to defile and then rob her of all her pillaging.

From here, the story heats up. This is NOT a BDSM realistic story. Do NOT try most of this at home. This is a non con fantasy which is dirty, gritty, sadistic and torturous. What's not to like? Mr. Brooks does an excellent job narrating from a strong woman's point of view. Her thoughts are dead on and her scorn for the sex slaves is believable. Mr. Brooks holds very little back in Kerana's punishments and for this; it's thrilling. Did some of the punishments turn the reader on? Definitely. The ones that aroused Kerana also titillates the reader. The ones which were clearly sadistic tortures, there was little arousal, but it was very well done and understandable.

For a strong female lead, it needs a strong male lead too. Macro, the main slave guard can easily keep up and surprise Kerana. A strong man who admits to his mistakes yet does his best to protect is pretty hot. For this man to also be a natural Dom - even better! This story contains some hot f/f which is a delight. The world Mr. Brooks crafted is easily relate-able. His descriptions of location and characters are clear. This book reads like a movie with images flowing from one scene to the next. The pace was just right with enough tension to encourage the reader to read it in all one sitting. The only regrets are the end of the story and for the reader to have taken so long to start reading the book. This book is recommended to BDSM lovers who enjoy the grittier and rougher side of BDSM sex slave fantasies.

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