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Lust Plague
Lust Plague by Cari Silverwood

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The Romance Review

Sex crazed zombies rising, a frankenstruct with a dangerous temper and a plague inducing lust storming across the lands, what more can obstruct Kaysana's mission? It appears even Captain Kaysana is an obstacle for herself. While she hasn't been infected and turned into a mindless zombie, she does become a horny sex fiend. This puts a damper on her quest to ground zero, where the zombies are coming from.

Kaysana is aided by Sten, a handsome frankenstruct. In this world, even if frankenstructs – clones - are now free with human rights, most humans still despise them. Even animals are treated more humanely than frankenstructs. Kaysana fights her attraction to Sten due to her murky past. However, her irrational hatred of frankenstructs does not stop her from spreading her legs. She blames the unexplained viral infection, but in reality, Sten is irresistible.

Sten is the best character in this story. He's an alpha male who is flawed but he has a good heart who delivers results. He is a mystery in some senses since he's created, not born. No one knows the exact details about his creation, least of all himself. He's the hero a reader can get behind because he fights for the underdog. He is the underdog.

The character who slyly stole the story is Emily. She's the mousy librarian who turns out to be a sniper. She's cute, consistent and has no issues with her sexuality. Plus, animals adore her. She's smart and capable.

The world building is a bit sketchy and unless the reader has read the first in this series, there may be some confusion in some of the references to different groups involved in the story. What was aggravating are the questions raised left unanswered as well as the loose threads. The reader is teased with possible answers on frankenstructs only to have the information left undisclosed. When ground zero is reached, the scene is a hot mess of zombies, inexplicable golden man and a puzzling resolution.

How did the zombies know to gather here? How did they know to find humans? What allures them to some humans versus others? How do they know to feed the golden man? What is the golden man? Is this lust plague over? Why does Sten admire Kaysana? So far, the woman has been gang banged, captured several times and needs to be rescued by Sten repeatedly. It baffles the mind why a strong able man like Sten would want a woman who consistently underperforms. Emily is the better choice for him.

Characters aside, the sex in the book is good. The fun ways Kaysana is enticed to submit while she's dressed up like a hooker is tasty. The undercurrent of kinky sex with the modified nipple clamps, restraints and especially the collar are all hot and erotic. The kinky sex is what carries this book. The imagery used by the author is strong. The steampunk elements were decently done and the reader can visualize not only the machines, but the locale. The romance with a happily ever after is sweet. The story is left in a manner that hopefully sets up for the next story in this series. Perhaps the next book will provide the answers and tie off the threads for a satisfying conclusion. Recommended for erotic readers who love a strong man, even if he isn't completely human.

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