Review: The Mage in Black

The Mage in Black
The Mage in Black by Jaye Wells

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Sabina is now off to meet her twin, Maisie. Unlike Sabina, Maisie in New York is raised like a princess. She owns the nicest things and she's been raised in a loving family. Evil twin, good twin much?

Sabina is seriously off her game. She's been exiled more or less by her vampire society. Her money is blocked from her. And people are still trying to kill her. While this is going on, she's supposed to learn magic from someone she doesn't know? What happened to promises made by Adam?

Sabina is a hot head, that's for sure. She has yet to learn to control her temper and she easily lets people rile her. For this, it's disappointing. She has only one mode, kill, kill and kill. It doesn't appear she has a brain to think or strateg-ize at all. She's all brawn with very little logic. She's a thug, essentially. It's sad to be close to sixty years old and still be pretty much a drama queen juvenile.

Not sure how all the others can put up with her. It is revealed she has a pivotal role. One can only hope she grows up like Cat did in the Cat and Bones Vampire series. As it is now, Sabina is nothing but a loaded weapon w/o any type of safety. Anyone can use her to point and shoot.

Still, this world Ms. Wells created is good. The story moves fast and different players showing up are fun with hidden agendas. None of them are good or bad. They all seem to be shades of grey. It definitely keeps the reader interested. This book is 3.5 star. This book is recommended for urban fantasy lovers who enjoy Cat & Bones Vampire stories from Ms. Frost and the Cassie Palmer series from Ms. Chance.

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