Review: Peter Birch Presents: Confessions Volume 2

Peter Birch Presents: Confessions Volume 2
Peter Birch Presents: Confessions Volume 2 by Peter Birch

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The Romance Review

Would you like to learn how to convince two girls to sleep with you at the same time? Apparently there is a trick to this, wherein our first story Knack confesses the secret. After reading how the guy persuades two girls to go wild with him, I'm sort of incredulous while impressed at the same time. I can't believe females fall for this trick yet I can see it happening to many female friends I've known over the years.

There are four stories in this second volume. The first one, Knack, does kick it off with a kinky delight for me. The second one Blitz Bums is just okay. It didn't pull me in. The Erotic Ethics Of Spanking Girls is a delight. It's funny coming to terms for a man trying to understand why spanking girls is good. He wrestles with his conscience for his unnatural desire to spank a nice fleshy naked bottom.

Since I love spanking girls' bums, I have no such struggle. I found it quite amusing as he hid his desires as a filthy secret. His love of erotic spanking pictures is one I can relate. I do not collect them, but I am appreciative of what I find on the Internet. For him, it was pre-internet – the poor bugger. It's more than just spanking a girl though. His fantasies to do more after a girl is spanked to a tearful remorse cause him to feel torn. Little does he know in reality, there are plenty of girls who would like this fantasy to become a reality.

Yes, women's rights with equality for men and women have done a number on sexuality in many ways. This little story about the ethics on spanking a woman clearly shows the ramifications. Still, it was a nice hot story of how you can have your cake and eat it, too.

The last one, Strawberry Girl, annoyed me because I didn't like this arrogant cock tease of a girl. She is the kind of woman who abuses authority and makes it harder for other women. The turn of events eased my ire and the ending was fitting. I couldn't help but chortle with glee.

Once again, these hot smexy stories were a fun and fast read. Several of them hit upon my kinky fantasies and were enjoyable from beginning to end. I do recommend more editing with grammar and spelling. Just because they are stories submitted by devoted fans of Mr. Birch does not mean they should be printed as is, grammar mistakes and all. This book is recommended for kinky readers who are voyeuristic in their spanking pleasures.

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