Review: Peter Birch Presents: Confessions Volume 3

Peter Birch Presents: Confessions Volume 3
Peter Birch Presents: Confessions Volume 3 by Peter Birch

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The Romance Review

Is this the end of these "Dear Diary" confessions of smutty sexy fan letters? I hope not. This is the third in the CONFESSIONS collection by Peter Birch. We are treated to four confessions – Ice Cream, The Raid, Just looking and The Bull.

In Ice Cream, I'm titillated with images of bare breasted women in slutty outfits selling ice cream in the hot summers in Paris. I've been in Paris in July. It is miserably hot. The idea that women are dressed up in an outfit I'd expect in a porn movie out in public is outrageous yet appealing. I say, the women are advertising their wares and if they are manhandled, it just goes with the territory.

The Raid is a bit nerve wracking for me as I'd hate to be at a BDSM club getting my kink on when the police suddenly burst in. That would totally ruin my subspace. This one reads a little like a Penny Birch story where she's a naughty little minx. I did enjoy the hot girl on girl sex while the one male enjoyed watching and participating.

Just Looking is a voyeur confession. I'm not really sure regarding the stigma attached to watching. Do people not watch when there is a car wreck? Do people not watch when an accident happens? How is this different than watching people having sex? I agree with the guy who is just watching, not touching anyone. Where is the harm?

The Bull is a cuckold's delight. I thoroughly enjoyed this story. Then again, I do enjoy cuckold stories and this one is different as it is told from the Bull perspective. It is rare that I read a story from the Bull's point of view so this one definitely had my sitting up, ears perked and heart racing. This is a deviant little piece of smuttiness that was divine. I loved the undertones of BDSM as well as the Bull's cockiness. The humiliation factor of it tied with the hot anal pushed me over the edge. This was a fitting ending for the series. Loved it!

I recommend this third volume for the kinky readers who enjoy a bit of humiliation with their kink.

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