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The Siren
The Siren by Tiffany Reisz

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Nora is a trashy porn hack posing as an erotic writer. This is how Zach feels. Zach is the editor assigned to read Nora's book and make it publishable. What is the world coming to when a distinguished literary editor is forced to truck with some guttersnipe?

This book is the first in the series, even though a novella exposing Nora's relationship with a Dom gave a preview of her complicated life. With much trepidation and under duress, this book was finally read. Fully prepared to hate the book due to a relationship which is considered sacrilegious, this reader started on page one with righteous indignation. Within the first few paragraphs, the book completely sucks the reader into a world of heartbreak, need and moral questions.

Ms. Reisz creates a multi-level story filled with deeper meaning as well as complex characters. Her usage of words and concepts hold hidden meanings that appeal to a thinking mind. There is a connection for everything which means she builds her characters and world in layers. Ms. Reisz takes it one step further than pop culture reference. Her references require an understanding of an ideology or an emotional attachment. The use of Circle 8, Zach's safe word, the story Nora is writing, they are all subtexts which bring forth an additional layer of understanding which when revealed, it's a blow to the heart. Comprehension achieved, it makes a reader gasp and go, "Oh no! NO! NO! NO! "

The male characters in Nora’s life are complicated. Her innocent Wes is mixture of what she wants and what she cannot be. Her relationship with Zach is one of penance. She forces Zach in a dominant role with her masochistic needs. He validates her self worth. Soren is the hardest relationship. He is her past of what should not be yet she cannot turn away due to her love and needs.

With Nora writing a story which the reader assumes is her autobiography of her relationship with Soren, it’s a devastating insight into their past. When the truth is revealed about the characters in her story as well as the anti-romance angle, it’s too painful to bear. Pieces of each man are blended together to present a story which is more than erotica. It’s a story of love which cannot be. Sometimes love is not enough and in this story, the reader sees it all too clearly. This book is recommended for romance lovers who don’t need a happily ever after and enjoy mental stimulation.

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