Review: The Space Between Us

The Space Between Us
The Space Between Us by Megan Hart

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Tesla lives in a basement of her friends Vic and Elain. She is working a seemingly dead end job as a coffee barista. Seen as a wild child, Tesla is actually quite sedate. She doesn't want to stick out and is happily living one day at a time.

Telsa's life is complicated with relationships that are not within the norm. While she did have two parents and one brother, it wasn't a conventional family. They spent summers at a hippie commune where her parents were swinging. Telsa's sexual education and freedom is unorthodox which shaped her life. Even her first experiences were a bit out of the ordinary which makes her so attractive.

This attraction is what pulls Meredith, one of her regular customers to her. Meredith stops by the coffee shop every day and wants to hear stories about other people's lives. She so stunning, Telsa can not help, but fall for her. Tesla is sexually fluid so for her, it's an unrequited crush. Meredith is married so there is no hope for Telsa, or is there? After months of afternoon coffee, Meredith springs the question. "Will you fuck my husband while I watch?" Telsa is shocked as this is not what she's expecting.

This story is one of alternative love and the downright difficulties people face. I'm no stranger to a poly relationship but I can say that it would not work for me. For Telsa who wants a true threesome, it comes close to crushing her. Because one of the triad is going in with a false guise. This is a triangle as Meredith truly loves her husband, Charlie. Charlie falls for Telsa. Telsa has been in love with Meredith the entire time.

Ms. Hart creates another fabulous story with heartbreak and bittersweet endings. She shows the good, bad and ugly side of menages as well as poly relationships. It's not easy and the communication required is of utmost importance. Unfortunately, when one of the members is going in to get something else out of it, it breaks the circle of trust - completely.

This story is watching a train derail. I know what will happen. How it happens or what causes the train to finally come off the tracks, this is what I'm waiting to see, with my gut clenching in apprehension. While it is no one's fault, the train wreck causes massive collateral damage. It's heartbreaking and there is no way to fix it. As in, Ms. Hart never fixes the stories where it's all happily ever after as if no one has been hurt. Instead, she creates survivors who start a new chapter in their life - because nothing ever stays the same. If there is one thing to be taken away from this moving love story is - go in with your eyes wide open.

The twists and turns in this story melded along with Telsa's past relationships add a depth. We see how Telsa's character is shaped and what she's really longing to be. Her journey through pain and joy is what makes this book so powerful. Even if I'm not a fan of Telsa's lifestyle or choices, Ms. Hart creates a character who is engaging and above all, desirable by being herself. Telsa isn't weak nor is she perfect. I highly recommend this story to romance readers who want to read the unvarnished truths of a menage relationship.

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