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Traditional Love
Traditional Love by Alta Hensley

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Catching a cheating spouse should generate outrage and pain. Instead, for Neely, it only gives her a feeling of relief and happiness. This is because she's made the right choice, leaving her husband and getting a divorce. This infidelity was the final nail the proverbial coffin. Free from a loveless marriage, Neely heads home to be with her best friend Coley. Coley's brother Caine has always been an older brother to Neely too. When he offers a room in his home, she's delighted yet wary. What of Caine's girlfriend, Sara?

Not long after Neely moves in, Sara is kicked to the curb while Caine and Neely get it on. While this sounds like Neely is a boyfriend stealing twat, it's really Caine who caused the problem. Caine is not a perfect man. He is a perfect Mr. Right Now. He's a perpetual womanizer in some senses. As his sister states, he moves a woman in to live with him fast and forces them to be homeless in another breath. For a man who preaches "traditional" love and doesn't like foul language from a woman, he is pretty liberal with his living arrangements. Who moves from one woman to another before the bed sheet is even cold? Apparently Caine does this with ease.

Neely isn't concerned about Caine's fickle loyalties. He's a changed man because he's finally found the woman of his dreams. Yes, he's a bit high handed and he certainly shows how much regard he has for his girlfriend by who he chooses. Caine's domestic discipline philosophy is actually sound and arousingly hot. It makes him attractive and perfect to keep Neely from bad habits. What was disappointing about him is how he made Sara feel. True, Sara behaved poorly but it was a doom relationship when she moved in with him. He has a track record of big boobed short term spanking fuck buddies. Basically, he's a slutty anal probing gigolo.

Neely's introduction to domestic discipline was a bit shocking and illicit for her. It appears the spanking, paddling and butt fucking only make her slutty pussy wet. This is all good for Caine. It's a fitting match. He enjoys doling out spankings and anal fucks while she lovely slurbs it all up. The whirlwind romance is tooth aching sweet.

While the characters are just okay, the topic is what really made the book hot. How Ms. Hensley showcased domestic discipline is fabulous. It's nice to see a consensual contemporary romance where both parties are actively on the same page. In addition, the tidbits of the domestic discipline lifestyle were positively presented in a way anyone can understand, even if it isn't their thing. For those who do like this type of lifestyle, this was spot on. This book was a fast and enjoyable read. This is HIGHLY recommended to kinky readers who enjoy maledom with spanking.

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