Review: Tristan's Temptation

Tristan's Temptation
Tristan's Temptation by Sabrina York

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Tristan’s cardinal rule – thou shalt not fish in the company pond. This is what he used to give his brother Adam grief for lustfully chasing after Kat. Tristan is now in a pickle. As one of the owner and founders of his company, he doesn’t want to mix business with pleasure. Unfortunately, sexy siren Shannon is more than Tristan can resist. Shannon pined after Tristan since she first started working for the company Trillo-Maris. Working directly for Tristan put her in a position where she could easily see herself submitting to her sexy boss.

To Shannon’s dismay, Tristan treats her with menacing growls and threatening scowls. She sets her fantasy aside and instead uses the company’s virtual reality software to live out her desires. Unbeknownst to her, Tristan is also using the software for his own personal porn movie with Shannon as the star. In a laptop mix-up, they spy upon each other’s dirty little secret spanking material and it pulls them into a whirlwind sex marathon.

This story pulls the reader into a naughty potential sexual harassment lawsuit. It’s okay because both Tristan and Shannon are gorgeous and their illicit sex is hot and smexy. Tristan is the typical male who’s dogmatic about his cardinal rule which ends up biting him in the ass. Shannon is the sweet romantic who is looking for the man of her dreams to share the rest of her life. The conflict in this story can be seen a mile away. Even so, it is no less painful to watch as Tristan commits a heartbreaking faux pas. It is good to see Shannon stick up for herself even when her heart tells her otherwise. Both characters are realistic and while they make decisions which makes the reader scream out, “NO! Don’t do it!” it is understandable.

The resolution is as expected with a little bit of eating crow followed with a happily ever after. Ms. York’s romantic heart shines through her story and it’s a lovely thing to view. Her imaginative virtual world showcases her mischievous side. One can only hope in her next installment, she really lets her freak out. Each book in this series is increasing is smoldering passion. This book is recommended to kinky romance lovers who enjoy watching a man change his mind to capture the woman of his dreams.

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