Review: Woman in Chains

Woman in Chains
Woman in Chains by Bridget Midway

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

People jumping to conclusions, irresponsible Doms, mentally unstable submissives, what other messed up situation can be added to this book? Oh right, a Dom who sees things in black and white who ALSO jumps to conclusions. This book was not an easy read. Several times the urge to shoot the characters in the book became almost overwhelming.

Let's start with the fucked "This Slave". Once again we have a submissive who is from an abusive household in the lifestyle. Lovely. Because all submissives are fucked in the head, just like another mentioned in the book - "lil Mary". That one was a trip too. Over time the readers learns more about Rebekah and understands why she does what she does. Another issue with this sub, Rebekah, is tops from the bottom consistently. Makes her real happy, doesn't it? Ms. Midway does an excellent job of depicting how a D/s relationship unfolds when the submissive tops from the bottom.

Dak is the least screwed up piece of work here. Yes he does become judge, jury and executioner, but how can one blame him? He's a freaking retired SEAL. And going to work for the police force? I don't know many former military who would find police work that great for them. The missions of the two are similar in the "protect". However, the execution is totally different. Doesn't really make them that compatible. Regardless, Dak is a good Dom with the shittiest friends, with the exception of Mistress Siren.

What is going on with Gordon? Can't make a single phone call? Gordon is an asshat with ulterior motives and an arrogant pissant. Sir Steele - what a joke. Moira? Yeah, she fits the shrink title to a T. Judgmental and leaping to conclusions much? Disappointing. She gives good psychiatrists a bad name.

This story was interesting from the perspective of a secret organization designed to save abused submissives. It's good to know these organizations really exist. Although if they are run as half assed as showcased in this story, it's a concern.

The characters actually earned a 1 or 2 star. They were unappealing except for Dak. The storyline didn't do much better - barely a 2 star. What really made this work was the D/s scenarios/teachings/insights and the hawt BDSM scenes. These were enjoyable and very well written. For this, the story settled on a 3 star overall.

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