Review: Beneath a Rising Moon

Beneath a Rising Moon
Beneath a Rising Moon by Keri Arthur

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Neva is desperate to help her twin sister out. So desperate, she braves the "lion's den". Or should we say, the "werewolf's" den. Neva is one of the daughters of the leader for the prude old school werewolves. The Golden clan doesn't believe in the "dance". The dance is a filthy meaningless hook up for sex. The Sinclair clan practices this in excesses. Duncan is one of the Sinclair Alpha's son.

Neva the good girl hooks up with Duncan because she wants to use him to help find out who tried to kill her sister. Duncan the prodigal son returns home to help figure out why female werewolves are being killed and why all evidence points to the Sinclairs. Their fathers are not on good terms. It's almost like a Romeo and Juliet star-crossed lover story. Except in this story, the only one holding the grudge and caring is the Montague family - Neva's father. The Sinclairs playing the Capulet role could care less about Neva's father or his disapproval.

This story is very enjoyable in an angst type of manner. Duncan's reading on Neva is wrong which causes him to do things he regrets. Still, his alpha male dominance plus his sexually mastery of Neva is hot. The undertones of a D/s relationship make this story enticing. His ability to command Neva to do what he says because of a mistake she made in a promise is arousing. He has all the power in his hands. Will he abuse it or will he use it for both their pleasure? It's a hard decision.

The actual mystery in this story is neither surprising or complicated. The reader figures it out early on. The focus isn't on who is doing the killing. The real meat of the story is why is there killing. The why is messed up and understandable. It seems the decisions of the father end up being consequences the child must suffer. In this, both Duncan and Neva are dealt a raw hand. Fortunately, unlike Romeo and Juliet, this ends in a happily ever after. Or at least, it is a bittersweet ending which encourages the reader to read the second book. This paranormal romance is recommended for kinky readers who love the reformed alpha male.

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