Review: The Bloodgate Warrior

The Bloodgate Warrior
The Bloodgate Warrior by Joely Sue Burkhart

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Cassandra knows her own mind and she's been at the top of her game at work. Lately though, she thinks she's losing her mind because she's been dreaming about a man who makes her do things she doesn't want. The phrase which comes to mind is "Lie to me". Cassie keeps denying her desires to submit to her dream lover because the submission scares her.

This story's underlying sensuality is blended into sexual submission with a magical being. Técun is a powerful man in this universe yet something more, god like in his world. Cassandra's family line is entwined with Técun's entry to this world. Cassandra's attraction while not preordained, is expected once her grandmother's journal is revealed.

This story is a nice blend of paranormal romance with erotic BDSM nuances. Ms. Burkharts does an excellent job of generating heat between the two main characters. Cassie is a believable everyday woman who is easy to understand and admire. She may have some fears, but she's no pushover. Técun is this sexy mysterious man, literally the man of her dreams come to life. If only the dreams were a bit more explicit to satisfy this voyeur's cravings. When the two characters meet, their continued physical interludes increase in intensity and kink factor. The blood play is written in such a way that is very arousing rather than alarming. HOT!

Ms. Burkhart crafts more than a tale of erotic awakening. This tale is about a family line linked with mythical Mayan gods and legendary creatures. The villain in this story shows up a bit later than anticipated. It's interesting how the villain is portrayed. He was loved yet he perpetrated evil. The surprising twists in who loved and hated him added another layer to this story. It made the antagonist more understandable in his responses and actions. It also generates a bit of pity. The ending while fitting is a bit sad for him. For Técun and Cassie, each joining brings new delights. Hint - where can one receive tattoos like the ones Cassie was given? This book is recommended for kinky paranormal readers who enjoy a bit of Mayan culture.

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