Review: Bound By Desire

Bound By Desire
Bound By Desire by Rebecca Lyndon

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Holy sizzling hot shifter sex! This short story is a flaming hot kinky read. Sarah McIntire returns to her hometown while her father is on vacation for a month. Since she followed her father’s footsteps to become a veterinarian, she can easily cover for him. Her first patient with a pregnant mare leads her to Grant LaCroix. Relatively new, Grant owns the old Anderson spread. Grant’s immediate confrontational attitude puts Sarah off. Despite his less than warm welcome, Sarah’s focus is on the ailing mare with a breech foal.

Sarah and Grant’s initiation interaction is rough and it only becomes rougher when the sun sets. Grant’s family is cursed with their males shifting into some kind of demon creature. Basically, Grant hulks out and his hulk form is a Dom. From the time Sarah and Grant’s hulk form get it on, it is one smexy ride.

The shifted sex in this book is hot. It’s not often an author will cross the lines in this delightfully deviant manner. This is what really makes the book stand out from other shifter paranormal books. The BD in this book is not as expected and is a great flip between who is restrained and who is not. The plot of this book holds no surprises. It’s an easy read with likeable characters. This book is more than just a few BDSM kinky shifter sex scenes. The back history is the foundation of this world building and it will be interesting to see what will follow. Adding in secondary characters from the town also helps build this story to be more than just a man and woman getting their rocks off. It helps build a home for these characters.

The main drawback to this book is that it is too short. It would have been nice to learn more about Grant’s brother and how Grant decided to buy Anderson’s home. Hopefully there will be more exploration of Grant’s other self and its abilities. If the next book would be twice as long with more character development and more world building, this would help attract more readers. The hook already exists with smexy shifter sex. This paranormal romance is for kinky readers who like to dance on the line of taboo.

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