Review: Deathless Love

Deathless Love
Deathless Love by Renee Rose

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ready for some spanking vampire domination? This kinky paranormal romance is for the domestic discipline fans. Kate is a singer for the band, Morphs. Little does she know she’s best friends with a gay vampire. It’s not the gay part which shocks her. She’s knows this already. It’s the fact that he’s a vampire who has repeatedly removed this memory from her which stuns Kate. When Fox is caught with his fangs out again by Kate, he knows he’s in trouble. This last time, he is unwilling to wipe out her memory for fear of damaging her irreparably. Letting a human know of the vampire world is verboten.

This piece of information allows Kate to quickly connect the dots and realize Dominic DeParma, the owner of the bar No Return, is also a vampire. When Dominic who goes by Dom finds out Kate is aware of vampires, it isn’t looking good for either Kate or Fox. Luckily, an off chance mention of spankings turns this around. Dom is a main feature of Kate’s sexual spanking fantasies. Finding out he’s a vampire turns her on even more. It’s a good thing vampires have a good sense of smell. Dom’s discovery of Kate’s kinky desires saves her ass.

This story is well crafted with conflicts which end in a believable manner. Ms. Rose sets up certain events early on to allow for the big showdown to end in a favourable way. This story is more than just a human female falling in love with a hot vampire Dom. The blending of vampire threats with a budding domestic discipline relationship is fantastic. Fans of Trueblood who’ve always wanted Sookie to be taken in hand by Eric, forget about Trueblood. Read this book. This is the kinky vampire human dynamics which will have a reader humming in delight.

Both Dom and Kate are likable characters. They are easily relatable and even better, they are not emotionally traumatized. This is especially great since so many BDSM tales of late draw the main character with some kind of mental illness or abuse. It’s a relief to find healthy normal people getting their kink on and not having issues with it. Dominic is a Dom who will easily melt any female submissive just by his words. His application of discipline is right up my alley. It was so bloody good. Kate is no weak willed pushover. She is a bit too submissive. It is a delight to find Ms. Rose twist this around and have Dominic force Kate to be more assertive. What a clever little minx! Ms. Rose is an author to watch. This book is highly recommended for readers who want a well written romantic D/s tale.

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