Review: Eanna: A Realm of Janos Novel

Eanna:  A Realm of Janos Novel
Eanna: A Realm of Janos Novel by Andre SanThomas

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Eanna is the revered Handmaiden to the Crown. This title is a treasured one as she is treated as a princess and is catered to her every whim. She's used by the court to slake their manly lusts, but it's rather clinical. She's just hole for them to fuck. It's rather sad actually. She is pampered with caretakers and lives a life of luxury. She knows nothing else. This is what she was prepared for since she was a young maiden.

This title of Princess with the lovely jewelry, clothing and extravagant food is only temporary. It's time to find a new Handmaiden. The contest to find a new one is interesting. What is also interesting is what happens to the previous Handmaiden. Eanna is only given ten days to learn how to become basically a peasant sex slave work horse. There is no other term for it. In this world, there are no wives. There are only owned women used for working and fucking. It's a world of only submissive women who have no choice in their life. This is what makes the world a bit disappointing.

While the story shows several other women who love their life because their masters are loving and "rich", it is a fantasy story. This is because men as a whole are not this loving, caring and definitely not this good. This is the critical key which the reader must believe in order for this world to function. For me, it's a little bit too hard for me to swallow. I can not suspend reality to this degree and believe.

Nevertheless, Eanna is thrown into the lowest of the low. Her beauty and elegance are no longer an asset. Instead she's thrown into being a farmer's sex slave to shovel animal shit. She's ill prepared for this role and is chastised for it. Perhaps it would have been better for the retired Haidmaiden to be sacrificed. Her death through a throat slit so that she need not suffer such a drastic change in stations without preparation is probably the better way - less humiliating and degrading. Seriously, ten days to suddenly learn to live the life of a commoner? This world with their courts do an injustice to their women. They place the woman on a high pedestal and when they no longer want her, they toss her out like rubbish and expect her to survive. Despicable. Absolutely despicable. Ms. SanThomas' world is supposed to come across as sensual and submissive delight. I've looked at the underbelly of it and declare it is not.

Ms. SanThomas' writing voice and how she describes the places are all good. Her characters are developed in a manner which is believable yet depressing. The world is across between John Norman's Gor series and Sharon Greene's Warrior series. The difference is she paints her world from a submissive's rosy coloured glasses. At each point where Eanna feels outrage, and she should, it is twisted into her realizing she is the one in the wrong. For this, I am saddened. It is interesting to see how Eanna adjusts to each indignity with poise and grace. She does learn and she ends up in a happily ever after which is almost believable. It's plausible because of the religious undertone which carries Eanna's faith that this is willed. For her, it all works out. The book is recommended for those who want to read about submissive women accepting and loving their position in life. It can be a beautiful thing - it's all perspective.

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