Review: For My Master

For My Master
For My Master by Suz deMello

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Mixing work with pleasure never seemed so sexy as when Kathy agreed to her boss, Ross Guerrero’s harebrained scheme. Kathy Belmont is twenty nine with a few years under her belt as a law enforcement officer. She currently works for a secret US agency. Their current mission is to cross the Mexican border and destroy El Silencio’s drug fortress. Ross’s plan is to get them into the drug lord’s home through a sex party invite. The catch – Kathy will need to go in as a sex slave. This would be a sex slave to her uber sexy boss, Ross.

The premise of this story and some of the BDSM scenes need a heavy dose in suspending reality. The short story is on the edge of unbelievable cheesy territory. The predictable sexual fantasies of a young woman for her older male boss are trotted out. Her lust to submit to him in delicious deviant ways is amusing and smexy. One particular noteworthy desire involves a dildo, lube and her slutty asshole.

The submissive training Ross gives Kathy is a joke. It’s more like a horny sex starved high school boy prematurely ejaculating all over his date. This is clearly not an experienced Dom who knows how to train a newbie submissive. Still, the sex scenes are hawt as well as the non-negotiated permanent mark. The other BDSM clich├ęs make a presence in the drug lord’s home. Between the threats of breaking a disobedient slave and a psychotic Dominatrix, it’s all good fun.

Ms. de Mello writes a good paced story with humour and hot sex. The D/s element is more crass than subtle. Still, it’s a fun and quick read. Both Kathy and Ross are sweet in their romantic love. The villains, El Silencio and daughter, Reina are natural in their perverted psychosis. There is a clear delineation between good and bad in this story. This book is recommended to kinky readers who enjoy subordinate submitting to a boss theme.

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