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The Game Plan
The Game Plan by Breanna Hayse

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Who is a brat? Who is rude and needs a good spanking? Cassie needs it! In The Game plan, Cassie is a much younger step sister of three gorgeous men. Rob and Bryon are the older ones. They are both a dozen years older than Cassie. Glenn, closest in age to Cassie's even feels her sharp tongue.

Cassie has daddy issues. Her deserted her at the young age of 8 and she never got over it. No matter how much love and support her step father, Bill provided her, Cassie still clings to this neglect as if it were the most important event in her life. I have to say, I'm not a fan of women who are into ageplay because of some fucked up daddy issue. I was not too thrilled about this premise. Yes it does explain why Cassie behaves the way she does. Still, why does the sub need to be fucked up to want to be into some kinky lifestyle choices?

My pet peeve aside, this story is AWESOME! The domestic discipline Rob and Bryon apply to Cassie is perfect. I'm over the moon in envy. I'm swooning in sexual delight. Ms. Hayse brings to life a lovely ageplay fantasy with a Dom, a Daddy AND a Mommy. Well, Mommy soon turns into an Aunt. What is a lil' one to do? So much loving attention will go to her little head. Or actually, so much focused attention will catch her misbehaviours and punish her cute little tush. And boy does Cassie pull some stupid stunts. I think it's because she's stunted in maturity. She definitely needs to be spanked until she can't sit down for a week without wincing. Naughty naughty little minx, that is what she is. Fortunately, she now has a strict Daddy in Bryon and a loving Dom in Rob.

The romance in this story is sweet. The men are great. They aren't infallible which is much appreciated. They are so full of support and love, it's amazing. This is the kind of Daddy Dom I'd love to submit to, despite the terrible terrible painful spankings. Well, I'm not a bad little girl like Cassie, so I doubt I'd ever be punished as badly. Ms. Hayse crafts a great ageplay story and clearly delineates between the lil and Big girl time. She is now my new favourite ageplay writer. This book is recommended to ageplay lovers. We have a new hawt writer in town!

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