Review: Generation Stables

Generation Stables
Generation Stables by Carolyn Faulkner

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Amanda is a high powered banking executive who is caught and turned into a ponygirl. As a surprise, she's a VIRGIN! The real bonus as her trainer Andy and groom Ted learn, "Mandy" likes spankings. The harder, the better and she becomes wetter! Naughty little Mandy receives welts after welts for disobedience. Talk about corporal punishment for this little minx.

The body modification in here isn't that alarming. They have only removed two of the back molar teeth and paralysis of her vocal cords. Other than that, she's living a life of idyllic luxury. Sure, she's treated like an animal, but they do talk to her with real words. She just can't answer. It is every man's dream. A woman to fuck at anytime and she can't talk back. Kidding aside, this is the gentlest pony girl story I've ever read. It's really sweet and loving.

The men pamper the women greatly with healthy food, daily spa like treatments, stimulation, companionship and a lot of orgasms. There are also ways to win championships and earn treats. It's really not a bad life. Makes me wonder if more people who are aimlessly wandering through life wouldn't benefit from being turned into ponygirls or ponyboys. I do wonder what they do with the children which are bred. This is never mentioned.

The plot is well written. The BDSM is hawt. The men are all gentle giants. This BDSM fantasy is a great one for those who haven't read pony girls yet and want something soft for their first time.

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