Review: Love Slave for Two: Reunions

Love Slave for Two: Reunions
Love Slave for Two: Reunions by Tymber Dalton

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

The Romance Review

What do you get when you have three men, two boys and a stowaway male puppy in an RV traveling from Florida to Yellowstone? A vacation is not the word that comes to mind. Tyler's family vacation idea with his purchased RV as a surprise for Tom and Nevvie certainly leaves them speechless.

This long awaited follow up book to the Love Slave series is a hoot. Rather than focusing on heartbreak and death, it's focusing on family vacation and family bonding. Ever notice one parent always thinks family trips are the best idea for family bonding? The rest of the family humours that one person and suffers through? Make no mistakes; Nevvie suffers through this time away from home. The person unintentionally causing the frustrations is Tyler. Tyler means well; he is just not the best with details at times. Nor is he good with driving a big ass RV. Some of the things that go wrong in this trip are so funny and totally believable. Tyler is in the proverbial doghouse so many times, it's pointless to count.

To be fair, Nevvie comes across as a bit of a patronizing control freak in this story. She is no longer the kicked puppy doormat. She's now kind of a raging bitch at times. It's a bit of a swing to the other end of the spectrum for her, which makes her less appealing in this book. What is appealing is the relationship connection between her and her family. Past hurts visited upon her are resolved in a poignant manner. Many of the loose threads from the first two books and its prequel are tied up. Nevvie does show a good amount of growth in this book.

The smexy ménage between Tom, Tyler and Nevvie is hot. While there is a bit of implied BDSM with switching and role-playing, it was very BDSM lite. This book will not be categorized as BDSM. The ménage pieces of this story are delicious and sexy. Two hot men focused on the pleasure of one woman, how can it not be erotically explosive? Orgasms Nevvie experiences at the hands, lips, and cock of Tom and Tyler should be called Nevvie nirvana. I'd like to order up a weekend of Nevvie nirvana, please.

As this story brings closure to many of the previous issues for Nevvie, an old one is re-opened. While there was a little focus on the new conflict coming ahead, Ms. Dalton sets it up just right for the next installment in this series. It's done in a manner which keeps the reader captivated and salivating for the next book. Several events will be coming to a head and this reader wants to know what will happen! LOVE SLAVE FOR TWO: RE-UNIONS is a lovely ménage romance recommended for erotic readers who want their happily ever after filled with humour and love.

A 3.5 Star!
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