Review: Maintenance Night

Maintenance Night
Maintenance Night by Trent Evans

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Most people look forward to Friday night because it's the beginning of the weekend. Lacey both dreads and loves Friday nights because it is Maintenance Night. Lacey and her husband Troy practice domestic discipline. Every Friday's, Troy takes Lacey to task for any mistakes she's made or even perceived ones. It's basically for Troy to keep Lacey reminded to be a good wife.

In case anyone thinks Troy created impossible rules, theses were all pre-negotiated by Lacey with Troy. She's just a little surprised how well he's taken to it, specifically the enforcing and doling out of pain.

Lacey hate the pain yet she craves it which is evident by her constantly leaking pussy. It's not often a male writer nails the woman's voice down so well. Trent does a pretty good job. His presentation of Troy is a bit disconcerting. Troy comes across at times cruel and unloving in the eyes of Lacey. It makes Lacey wonder if she's changed her husband for the worse. It plays on an easy fear strong women who want to submit. If a woman is submissive and enjoys impact play, will her beloved husband no longer respect her? Will he cease to love her? Will she just be something he enjoys beating and won't care for her anymore? Will he lose the soft and loving side?

This is the second book I've read by Trent. This book is much better in the writing. The story is tightly written with a clear beginning, middle and end. The main character is easily understandable. The BDSM scenes are hawt - very nicely done. Can't wait to read what will be written next. Recommended for kinky lovers who enjoy some pain with their domestic discipline.

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