Review: Master In Melbourne

Master In Melbourne
Master In Melbourne by Sindra van Yssel

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Zoe escapes to Australia, half way around the world from her home, to enjoy some much required peace and quiet. Hoping a change of scenery will unblock her creative juices, Zoe brings her painting supplies. Oddly enough, her first stop is not a zoo or garden, but it is to a casino. Zoe’s good luck continues to elude her as she loses money, gets drunk and falls down the escalator. Her luck turns around when Nick Carrady catches her.

The best thing to ever happen to Zoe is Nick. How is it that some women can just trip over hot Doms who are gainfully employed and caring? Nick is a respected Dom in the Australia and he’s single! He never found that one submissive to match him. Suddenly one falls into his arms, literally. Unfortunately for the duo, there are some issues to work out as Zoe’s been on the wrong side of BDSM with a crazy abusive ex-husband.

This BDSM short story from Ms. van Yssel is a fast and smooth read. Ms. van Yssel portrays a plausible damaged sub story. It isn’t a woe is me and victimized woman trying to find her way and be healed through BDSM. Instead, it’s a masochist who’s been abused and wants to take back her sexuality and own it. It is inspiring. Of course it helps to have an understanding yet not all knowing Dom with infinite patience. Nick is a dream Dom – bonus on the lovely Aussie accent of his. The reader is treated to a Dom who can restrain without using ropes or chains. The sensual sides of flogging and BDSM are highlighted in this story and it is delightfully tasty.

The story could end with Zoe and Nick in Australia. Of course Ms. van Yssel adds in conflict with Zoe returning to Texas and disappearing after a few weeks. It’s just luck which has Nick going to Texas with his students on a business trip. One thing to note, it is true when the book mentions Texans take their American Football seriously. It’s a religion there which boys start at the young age of five. This part of the story helped make it more realistic and believable. This contemporary BDSM is recommended for kinky readers who like to see the good and bad sides of BDSM.

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