Review: The Mayor's Daughter III: Miller's End

The Mayor's Daughter III: Miller's End
The Mayor's Daughter III: Miller's End by Will Versuch

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

All's well that end's well. Isn't this how that line goes? This last book was a surprise. I didn't know what to expect at this point. Who is going to die and how would they be killed? Nothing is predictable about Mr. Versuch's writing. This is a page turner to find out how it all resolves. I have to admit, I expected and braced for the worst. I could see absolutely no way out of this. Snuff stories are not my favourite. I've read a few which were done in a manner I could stomach, but for the most part, snuff crosses my hard limit.

Happily, there is NO snuff in this book despite all indications. The villain's name is revealed by the new player. Officer Morgan is an added variable which throws this story onto its side. Some of the mind games in this story are phenomenal. The captive girls - Jessica and Allison don't know if anything is for real or just another game stacked against them. The tortures in this last installment are not as intense and plentiful. The scenes are still highly discomforting and totally non arousing. They are an excellent incorporation of military tortures for interrogation. Water boarding, strangulation, the pepper spray and continued electrocution were still sadistic. Oddly enough, none of these are the most disturbing. The most disturbing for me was Jessica's father's response when his little princess is returned to him. The ball gag scene was just creepy.

Mr. Versuch does not write shades of grey. His world is black and white. The villains are evil. There are no redeeming qualities for them. Not a single one. They are vile and hateful. There is no way to like them. They are designed to be hated and loathed. In this, Mr. Versuch succeeded. He does his best to break these women. They did bend but they didn't actually break which is surprising. The ending came as a kind of mind fuck too. What really happened? What really was planned? There are hints, but it is never revealed in black and white. Mr. Versuch is now my favourite author for a good mind fuck. His creative mind is a bit scary at times. Let this be a warning. Do not get on Mr. Versuch's bad side. It won't be pretty. This book is recommended for the hardcore BDSM readers who enjoy the sadistic mind fucks and is not interested in a romance.

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