Review: Mile Below Peep Show

Mile Below Peep Show
Mile Below Peep Show by Nishi Serrano

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Calling all underwater world lovers, this short story is not to be missed. Lady Abigail Bertram (Abby) is on the shelf. She’s been single for too long plus she runs her family’s textile business. How shockingly bluestocking, who would want a woman like this? Luckily, her best friend, Lady Rose Abrial is to the rescue. Rose and her husband, William, are part of a secret sex society. They are scheduled for another kinky sex adventure, this time a mile below the surface instead of a mile above the surface. Rose and William are allowed to bring one guest with them. Abby is in for a splashing time.

The steampunk in this story is light. There are a few gadgets which bring the steampunk elements to the forefront. It would be nice to have more steampunk gadgets permeating this world. The best part of the story is the underwater resort. As a water lover and an avid scuba diver, this watery resort is particularly appealing. The design is similar to the Poseidon resort in Fiji. The one in the story is much kinky and larger. The sexual and underwater adventure offerings in Mile Below resort are fantastic! Ms. Serrano possesses a creatively kinky mind!

The sexual shows are kinky and great for voyeurs. There are two scenes which need to be highlighted. The audience directed play is unique and flaming hot. As a switch, it’s hard to decide – to be a spectator controlling the actor’s actions or to be the actor being told what to do. The second scene which catches the reader’s attention is “to catch a mermaid”. The ménage here with a merman, Rose and William is sultry and steaming. While the reader is lustfully entranced by the kinky smorgasbord, Abby is be-spelled by the man of her dreams.

Abby is inducted into the sex club by archeologist Benedict Jeffries Jr. A widower, Benedict is invited to the resort by a couple of friends. Abby and Benedict start off shaky but end up wrapped in each other’s arms. The passion at first sight to undying love is a bit fast paced, yet a fitting one to this tightly written tale. Even though the focus is on Abby’s erotic journey, the reader can’t help but be distracted by all the shiny sex scenes. This steampunk short story is recommended to kinky readers who like a taste of something unique.

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