Review: Pushing Her Buttons

Pushing Her Buttons
Pushing Her Buttons by Sabrina York

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Samantha is a powerful executive who likes to stay in control. She's been burned before when she followed her desire to be sexually submissive. This is all in the past and that is where it will stay. Until her sexy neighbor flirts and stalks her. Sam’s inner struggle to resist the tempting offer he provides is taking a toll on her. When she tries to shut him out by bringing home a date, it backfires. Her dominating neighbor ups the game with a sexual ménage.

The sex in this book is kinky hawt. It’s enjoyable and requires little tools of the trade for the characters to get their kink on. This is what makes the book a pleasure to read. The characters Sam and her smexy neighbor without a name are fine. Sam is obviously insecure and shies away from a potentially self destructive relationship. The neighbor on the other hand is sexy, suave and rich. Isn’t this what every woman fantasizes about? His D/s and perverted fantasies are a delight to watch. His interaction with Sam is frustrating. It’s frustrating because for such an accomplished woman, Sam is unable to communicate effective which is why she comes across annoying at times.

The writing voice is different than the usual Ms. York. This story seems to be wordier. The dialog between the characters is more disjointed than her other stories. The beginning of the book is spent on Sam’s inner thoughts which came across petty and too introspective. While Sam is huffing in disgust with her own weaknesses, the reader is flipping through the pages to find the good smexy parts. The story would be tighter if there was less self hatred. Sam’s constant hinting about her past experiences with an ex-husband brings the story down.

The story is more than just a man and a woman in an over complicated mating dance. Ms. York incorporates a little work twist which throws a kink into Sam’s life. This is expected and the conflict resolves in a manner which is anticipated by the reader with glee. It’s a sweet happily ever after ending which Sam deserves. This kinky book is recommended for readers who enjoy an alpha male chasing and capturing his woman.

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