Review: Stealing Serenity

Stealing Serenity
Stealing Serenity by Reese Gabriel

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Serenity implies a cool, calm and collected concept. It generally invokes thoughts of a soothing and relaxing place. Unfortunately for Serenity in this story, it’s a misnomer. Serenity is fighting for a shot in the executive suite at her company when it’s the ownership changes hands. The new owners are from some former Soviet Union country, Listonia, and require all their executives to be in a stable relationship – married or dating. Based on Serenity’s psychotic, immature and whiney behaviour throughout the entire book as she forms a relationship with Ross Lassiter, one can understand the new owners’ requirements.

As far as character building goes, Serenity is a stereotypical shallow female who is judgmental, na├»ve and completely unappealing. It’s a mystery why her good friend Lucretia would want to subject Ross to such misery. Serenity is a kinky person in severe denial. It’s oft said that some of the cruelest homophobic men are closet gay men. In this case, Serenity is a BDSM-phobic nitwit. The story from her point of view is aggravating and causes a reader to want to slap her upside the head many a times. Or some may want to take a cane to her derriere until her contrary ways are corrected.

The writing style seems to depart from author Reese Gabriel’s sci-fi More than Male series. This book is a bit unexpected in its heavy handed pounding of SSC. Rather than integrating BDSM scenes and terminology into the story line, it feels choppy and jars the reader. Perhaps this is the goal since Serenity is new to BDSM. The squawking protests from Serenity are equally unbalanced by Ross’s high handed dominant orders. This is what makes the story feel out of control which is counterproductive when showing an experienced Dom bringing a newbie submissive into the alternative lifestyle. The stilted communication between the two characters is at times painful to watch. Do men and women in the throes of dating really interact in this appallingly juvenile and embarrassing manner?

Ross is a Dom who for inexplicable reasons, desires Serenity and believes he can bring her submissive side to the surface. He’s treated to one indignity after another from the frigid female during his chase. Regardless of the unbelievable relationship budding, author Reese Gabriel creates some tasty BDSM scenes. It’s the BDSM dream sequences during Serenity’s sleep which carries this book to the finish. Although it would be nice to ignore some of Serenity’s bipolar introspection during the scenes, it is distracting and detracting for the reader. The club in the warehouse district is the other highlight of this book. What goes on in this exclusive club makes the story palpable. Where is this club and how does one gain membership? This BDSM novella is recommended for the Glitterkink reader who enjoys a sexy rich Dom.

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