Review: Triple Dog Dare

Triple Dog Dare
Triple Dog Dare by Tymber Dalton

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Wedding planning, shifting, other shifters and alpha powers, is there anything else that can be thrown at Elain Pardie? This much anticipated book four in the Triple Trouble series barrels both Elain and the reader over with changes galore. Elain is just becoming accustomed to mating with three men who happen to be wolf shifters. Now she learns the truth about her parents as well as a blood oath which endangers her life.

Fortunately for Elain, she makes powerful friends. Her mates, Ain, Brody and Cail are friends with dragon shifters and have a huge clan to back them up. Elain is barely keeping her head out above the water when she learned about her new powers and a war coming through with the "chicken" shifters. Elain definitely grows in this one. She comes into her own as an alpha shifter. Her tolerance for those after her comes to a boiling point and she kicks some serious ass. It makes a reader jump up and cheer her on. Her men support her and watch as she takes care of business. It's nice to see the men take a backseat instead of smothering her.

The sex in this book is smexy with three men on one woman. Elain finally takes advantage of three men at one time. The men love it; the readers love it. What's not to like about three handsome men focused on the pleasure of one woman? Ms. Dalton writes some of the tastiest sex scenes. Even the side characters enjoy a bit of smexy sex. If only the reader can peek into Blackie's Dungeon as he plays with Callie. Blackie stole the book with his alpha Dom take charge manner. He is one delicious character now with even more authority.

Ms. Dalton further adds to this paranormal world with beloved characters. Bringing Lina and her dragon shifters posse as well as the rest of the wolf clan into this story ties the threads together as they work towards a common goal. As each character builds a connection with each other, they become stronger and ready for battle. The hints in this book, for what is yet to come, keep the reader simmering in suspense. While the reader knows how the end result will be, the journey there is what keeps the reader riveted. What will Ms. Dalton throw at us next? This book sets the scene up for the next installment. Hopefully it won't be another three years. This paranormal romance book is recommended to ménage and shifter lovers who enjoy reading about a woman coming into her own.

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