Review: When the Duke Found Love

When the Duke Found Love
When the Duke Found Love by Isabella Bradford

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Lady Diana is the youngest of three daughters. She's the only one who isn't betrothed at a young age, set up by her late father. At eighteen, she needs to start looking for a husband, especially since she's been involved in some scandalously improper behaviour. Unfortunately for her, instead of a loving father finding a good match for her, her mother, Lady Cecilia Hervey is in charge.

Lady Diana's mother loves her dearly, but it's obvious the mother is completely oblivious. She's dumb as a doornail when it comes to finding a suitable husband for her youngest. She heeds the advice of Lord Brecon. If Lord Brecon recommended Lord Crump, then I fear for his sons. The end of the story gives a glimpse as to why Diana's mother and Brecon were distracted, but still, they were so far off, it's not even funny.

Duke of Sheffield was more or less raised by Brecon after he was orphaned. He's similar to Diana in passion and search for love. He is the love interest in this story which is no surprise. He's a rake who enjoys women and lays the reason at the feet of his ancestors. Of course it couldn't be his own choices that has him picking married women to dally with and then get caught with his pants down.

The two main characters, Sheffield and Diana are engaging. They are amusing and both are endearing characters. This historical romance is pretty consistent in the restrictions of its times. The society's double standards ring true. Ms. Bradford writes a lovely romance novel where two couples have to struggle to be together. What was odd was the last few chapters.

The story built up the issue and blossoming love well. The issues raised were slowly being resolved. Diana's marriage to Lord Crump is in the way and it's clear the two are not compatible. The resolution to this problem was no surprise. What was a surprise was the responses from family members. Given the strong stances against the two to be married, the ending made little sense. The fall out was completely unbelievable. It also felt abrupt and rushed. This caused the ending to fizzle out instead of smoothly come to a closure. Still, it is a happily ever after which is required of a historical romance. This story is recommended for historical romance lovers who enjoy a omnia vincit amor theme.

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